The Story of JA3 Cigars

The story of Jordan Alexander III Premium Cigar Company begins with family and friendship. We, the founders of JA3, found a deep passion in the stories and lifestyle that a simple cigar brought. Inspired by this passion, we began a venture to build a legend. 

Jordan Alexander III cigars were first launched to the public in July of 2013 with our initial line, The Legend. Admittedly, The Legend wasn't ready for the limelight. We spent a year listening to retailers, reviewers, and customers before deciding to cut-ties with The Legend and rebuild JA3 from the ground up.

In 2014, we began working with the renowned Quesada Cigar factory in the Dominican Republic. Learning from their blending expertise, we moved forward to re-blend and re-launch The Legend under its new name, the JA3 Corojo.

Along with a new factory and new blend, we revamped our company logo and imagery. Switching from a classic, industry-standard red and gold, we built our new design with blue and silver. We moved from lions and shield to a logo based on the Alexander Family coat of arms.

In 2016, we introduced our second line, Anthracite, also manufactured by Quesada. This line is dedicated to the rich coal mining history our home region, Northeastern Pennsylvania. Anthracite was designed with a rich, dark wrapper emblematic of the black anthracite coal, and boxes inspired by classic coal carts. 

We continue to create new blends and concepts, and look forward to what lies ahead for JA3. We're committed to providing high quality, hand-rolled cigars, with premium tobaccos and inventive designs. Our cigars can be found at retailers across the country and we make every effort to regularly visit these shops. 

Try one of our unique boutique blends and let us know what you think. Thanks for visiting JA3 Cigars!

-Bob, Collin, and Alex
Jordan Alexander III Cigars

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