How to Choose a Cigar as a Gift

Cigar smokers love to try something new, and few gifts can better convey your sense of understanding about a person, and the level of thought that you put into the gifts that you give. However, if you are not a smoker yourself, looking at a large selection of cigars can be completely overwhelming. This guide will help you select the perfect gift.

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JA3 Cigar's Response to the FDA Ruling

As you've likely heard by now, the US FDA has issued their ruling on various nicotine products, including widespread regulations on premium cigars. This is a battle that has been ongoing for many years. Unfortunately, the FDA has elected to regulate under Option 1, the harshest of the proposed options. Some of the impacts of this ruling include an arbitrary "grandfathered-in" date of 2007, an undisclosed approval process (with a TBD price tag), the prohibition of free samples, and new regulations on warning labels. This almost certainly removes seasonal blends from the shelves, and will undoubtedly make for less frequent releases, limited selection of both brand and blend, and increased prices. It's no secret that many popular blends today (including JA3) are produced by small, boutique brands and that an approval fee (commentator estimates have ranged from $50,000 - $450,000 per blend) can effectively stand as a death sentence for many. What the FDA fails to recognize is that this is an attack on the over 35,000 US workers, hundreds of domestic and international businesses, and over 300,000 workers in the Caribbean Basin involved in the cigar industry.

When we launched our first blend several years ago, we understood the risks of this industry. We've battled with smoking bans, shipping embargos, and a few rude Instagram comments. While we had hoped a federal ruling was far away, we simply do not have that luxury.

So, where does this ruling leave JA3 Cigars? A lot of that is left to be determined. Hope is not lost. There is still a chance for Congress to step in, and IPCPR has suggested litigation to prevent the rule from being enacted. What we do know is that we are not done. We will continue to market our brand so long as it is legal to do so. We will continue our planned 2016 release and JA3 Cigars will remain on shelves. We will not let the FDA scare us into submission before the dust has settled, and we refuse to give up on the industry that we've dedicated so much to and learned so much from.

Now is the time to act!

There are many ongoing efforts to prevent this ruling from becoming fully enacted. We urge you to reach out to Congress and to stay up-to-date with the latest from IPCPR. Now is also the time to join The Cigar Rights of America and keep updated on their ongoing efforts.

There's still a lot to be determined in the next few months before the FDA regulation is scheduled to take effect, but we remain hopeful. For the latest news follow @JA3Cigars on twitter.

Best Practices for your Humidor

Humidors are to cigars what a fridge is to your favorite dish, a safe storage space with optimal conditions until its ready to be enjoyed. If you're anything like me, you keep hundreds of dollars worth of cigars in your humidor and want to make sure everything is kept in perfect order. Here are a few quick tips to ensure your favorite cigars to always kept fresh:

  • Calibrate your hygrometer. To ensure your hydrometer is accurate, you should calibrate it. There are two methods. Boveda, the humidity experts, offer a simple one-step calibration kit . Another option is the salt test, as described here.
  • Season and re-season. When you first get your cedar-lined humidor, it is important to properly season the wood. This process begins with a quick and light dampening of the cedar lining. Do not soak or drench the wood, but a gently swipe of a sponge soaked in distilled water will introduce some moisture to the kiln-dried surface. Secondly, place a shot glass filled with distilled water in the center of the humidor along with the humidifier (charged) of choice, close the lid, and let it sit for 48 - 72 hours until your calibrated hydrometer reads in the 70-75 range. At this point, the cedar should be properly seasoned. You can remove the shot glass, recharge the humidifier, and add your cigars.
  • Watch closely. The first days after seasoning are critical. As you add cigars, the dry tobacco may drain the newly-seasoned cedar of its humidity. If you notice the humidity is dropping below 70, you may need to re-season, however it may be enough to recharge the humidifier more often (which should be checked weekly and refilled when dry). 
  • Follow the 70/70 Rule. 70% humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit should always be your target. While some enthusiasts (including myself) prefer to keep humidity a touch higher, it's best practice to consistently aim for 70/70 (+/- 5).
  • Rotate your cigars. Now that your humidor is properly conditioned, your cigars are being properly cared for. To maintain consistent humidity and aging, you'll want to rotate the contents of your humidor every three months. Move top shelf cigars to the bottom, right side storage the left.  Proper rotation is essential to even marrying of tobaccos and humidity throughout your humidor

At the end of the day, cigars are only as good as the care they are given. Cigars that aren't properly humidified will fail to burn evenly and won't reveal the full complexity of their profile. Cigars are intended to be a relaxing, stress-free escape from the day. By following a few simple steps, you can maintain the perfect conditions for your cigars, never adding worry to your light-ups.

Who is Jordan Alexander III

There's a lot in name. Brand names are supposed to introduce the brand, shed light on the type of products, and invite customers to remember the experience. While deciding on a brand name may seem simple, there is much more to it than expected. 

Large corporations often hire renowned branding agencies who use A/B testing, consumer panels, and implement psychology of colors, shapes, and images to decide on the perfect name and appearance for a brand. Sometimes, these decisions result in real winners, and other times, not so much

So, how did Jordan Alexander III Premium Cigar Company arrive at its brand name? Well, I can reassure you that we certainly didn't hire some big-city branding agency. A/B testing, consumer panels, and psychology of images were nowhere to be found on our drawing board. 

If you read through our site, you will stumble upon The Legend of Jordan Alexander IIIa fictionalized story of the last heir to a lost throne. Although entertaining, there is no Jordan Alexander III (or, at least no heir to the throne turned tobacco farmer, as our story tells). A few well-paired cigars and bourbons may have unleashed a creative-writing persona that eventually made its way to our webpage.

Truth be told, Jordan Alexander III is a creative (albeit simple) combination of the names of the three founding members; Collin Jordan Murphy, Alexander Miller, and Robert Murphy III. When we first started this venture, the name was perhaps the easiest creation. 

So, there you have it. There was no lost heir to the throne who had thousands of soldiers seeking his ship. There was no sickly King, desperate to find his nephew before his final breath. There was no ill-fated ship crashing into the coast of the Dominican Republic, with the only surviving crew member managing to find his way inland to take up tobacco farming. There is no Jordan Alexander III who fits this story, but nevertheless, his legend will live on with JA3 Cigars.

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