Who is Jordan Alexander III

There's a lot in name. Brand names are supposed to introduce the brand, shed light on the type of products, and invite customers to remember the experience. While deciding on a brand name may seem simple, there is much more to it than expected. 

Large corporations often hire renowned branding agencies who use A/B testing, consumer panels, and implement psychology of colors, shapes, and images to decide on the perfect name and appearance for a brand. Sometimes, these decisions result in real winners, and other times, not so much

So, how did Jordan Alexander III Premium Cigar Company arrive at its brand name? Well, I can reassure you that we certainly didn't hire some big-city branding agency. A/B testing, consumer panels, and psychology of images were nowhere to be found on our drawing board. 

If you read through our site, you will stumble upon The Legend of Jordan Alexander IIIa fictionalized story of the last heir to a lost throne. Although entertaining, there is no Jordan Alexander III (or, at least no heir to the throne turned tobacco farmer, as our story tells). A few well-paired cigars and bourbons may have unleashed a creative-writing persona that eventually made its way to our webpage.

Truth be told, Jordan Alexander III is a creative (albeit simple) combination of the names of the three founding members; Collin Jordan Murphy, Alexander Miller, and Robert Murphy III. When we first started this venture, the name was perhaps the easiest creation. 

So, there you have it. There was no lost heir to the throne who had thousands of soldiers seeking his ship. There was no sickly King, desperate to find his nephew before his final breath. There was no ill-fated ship crashing into the coast of the Dominican Republic, with the only surviving crew member managing to find his way inland to take up tobacco farming. There is no Jordan Alexander III who fits this story, but nevertheless, his legend will live on with JA3 Cigars.

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