BlindMansPuff - Jordan Alexander III Corojo Toro - 3/27

“From its closed foot to its pigtail cap, everything about this stick shouts “great presentation...Smooth tasting cedary tobacco leads the way for an explosive leathery coffee mix...The end of the second third has really come on with remnants of a campfire gathering. What a great complex change...The draw was very good throughout. No issues...The construction of this cigar was near perfect to me. From the initial appearance to the continuous structure throughout, it shows that this was a well thought out cigar...This was an absolutely wonderful cigar throughout. The complex twist from beginning to end kept me wanting more and on the edge of my seat waiting for what was too come. I can’t wait to see what this cigar is so I can grab a few for an early afternoon treat."  92 - Excellent

Halfwheel - Jordan Alexander III Corojo Toro - 3/17/15 

"The cigar has a nice presentation, with the little details adding up...After I move past the pure wrapper I’m getting more pepper, a touch of hot cinnamon, a nuttiness and a dried fig note. It sounds like an odd combination, but the sweet profile works well together...I enjoyed the profile it provided...Topping it all off with fairly good construction that only needed a few minor touch ups, the cigar is a good blend and I look forward to trying the other sizes available." 83.
-Brian of

ja3 corojo toro

Will's Place - Jordan Alexander III Corojo Toro - 2/7/16

"One of the greatest pleasures of cigar smoking is the initial burst of wrapper flavor when lighting a closed-foot cigar. And the Jordan Alexander III Corojo Toro does not disappoint with a nip of heat on the first puff...There’s no burning to this pepper, but rather a rich, consistent flavor. I’m digging it...Overall, a damn fine cigar. Well-balanced, interesting inter-play of the earth with the mineral aspects, and so so so so so much damn smoke. Chimney-esque. For the price, I’ll definitely buy more of the Jordan Alexander III Corojo Toro." Rating - SEEK OUT AND BUY AGAIN
-Will of

Casas Fumando - Jordan Alexander III Corojo Toro - 4/5/15

"I really love the extra features that the Jordan Alexander III Corojo offers with its unfinished foot and swirled pig-tail cap...As I arrive in the second third, the earth has become the most dominating flavor, followed by the dry cedar, and black pepper. The black pepper is medium in flavor but very mild in spice...the smoke production is rocking and the draw has completely opened up...Full flavors and a medium-full body characterized this Quesada made cigar...based on my experience with the two samples, this is a stick I would pick-up again and maybe even grab a couple to visit down the road."
-Jeremy of Casas Fumando

Nice Tight Ash - Jordan Alexander III Corojo Robusto - 4/6/15

"The dark chocolate brown wrapper has a nice oily sheen...I now realize how creamy, almost oily the smoke is as it lingers for a while in my mouth. The cinnamon changes fairly quickly to more of a cedar tone and a coffee flavor appears into the mix...I think this cigar would pair nicely with a Sumatran or chicory coffee. Each would bring out some of the sweetness (Sumatran) or spice (chicory) found in both the coffee and the cigar. If coffee is not your thing, maybe a pour of Brandy (B&B comes to mind) would pair with it well... I like the coffee, chocolate, sweetness and cedar notes this cigar gave off. The solid medium body of the smoke was nice as some (mostly) Dominican cigars don’t give me enough strength. The slight bit of spice was a nice accompanying characteristic that kept me on my toes at times. Overall a pretty nice smoke that many people could enjoy. There are some dark flavors, lighter flavors and a bit of Nicaraguan spice that would be enjoyed by many people. Each flavor wasn't overpowering in any sense as each had their key time in the journey through the cigar."

-Shawn of NiceTightAsh

Cigar Federation - Jordan Alexander III Corojo Toro - 3/19/15

"The cigar itself includes a rustic looking brown wrapper that has the slightest of reddish hues with some minimal veins. The cigar itself is intriguing to the eye with a pigtail cap and a closed foot...I light the cigar up and the initial draws are incredibly smooth and mild...if you like mild cigars, I think this would interest you." 83.
- Matt of


Cigar Mayven - Jordan Alexaner III Corojo Toro - 10/7/15

"This is the third year for J Alexander III cigars and the Corojo blend launched at the 2015 IPCPR, called JA3 Corojo, is quite good...The JA3 Corojo was an attractive cigar sporting a classic pigtail cap and closed foot...I did not have difficulty toasting the cigar with the closed foot and the early draws were well spiced... The burn line was very even with a well formed ash, the draw was about average and the smoke volume was good...I enjoyed an hour and 25 minutes smoking the medium bodied JA3 Corojo and found its appearance, flavor and construction above average.

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