The Legend of Jordan Alexander III lives on...

The life of Jordan Alexander III began insignificantly as a story barely worth remembering, yet lives on as a story worth fighting to save. 

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During the late years of the Unknown Dynasties, a time of forgotten and unrecorded royalty across the darkest corners of middle Europe, a Legend tells of King Sullivan Alexander, better known as King Sullivan the Handsome. King Sullivan was best remarked for his priceless crown of the finest crafted pure gold. After a 40 year reign and a worsening illness, King Sullivan the Handsome was facing a heavy resistance in his kingdom. Without a known living heir to pass the throne and the crown of gold on to, the royal family was to cease with the death of King Sullivan, the crown to be lost to the resistance, and the Dynasty to end. 

Desperate to save the King's Dynasty, his royal servants had been searching for months to find any possibility of a living heir. Unbeknownst to King Sullivan and his servants at the time, he did in fact have a living heir, his nephew Jordan Alexander III. King Sullivan's brother, Jordan Alexander II had been lost twenty years earlier to an unforgiving sea. Born after his father's death, Jordan Alexander III had been living his days on trading ships in the Atlantic, entirely unaware of the royal name he possessed. 

Just days before the death of King Sullivan the Handsome, his servants had discovered a ship manifest, proving the existence of a living heir and possibly preserving the future of the Dynasty.

As word of the heir reached the Kingdom, the resistance worried for the future. If Jordan Alexander III was brought back to the Kingdom before the death of King Sullivan, the Dynasty would live on and the crown would never be their own. In order to prevent his return, the resistance readied ships & set sail to intercept and kill the last living heir.

King Sullivan readied his own army and ordered his men to find Jordan Alexander III and return him quickly, as King Sullivan's remaining days were numbered. The King's Army and the Army of the Resistance had both received word from passing ships that Jordan Alexander III was last seen fleeing a nearly fatal shipwreck, just off the coast of a small island in the Caribbean known today as the Dominican Republic. Rumor had it that Jordan Alexander III had gone inland and had been living as a tobacco farmer. Without enough supplies to reach the small island, both armies had set sail back to the Kingdom to pass on the news, restructure, and set sail again. 

When the King's Army returned, they found King Sullivan weak, and just hours from death. As they told the King of his nephew's whereabouts, the King found the energy to push a slight smile and said "Send two lions to carry my crown and to protect the boy. Our name shall forever live on with him." And with those last words, the King's life had ended, along with the dynasty.

His faithful servants were intent on fulfilling their great leader's last wish. With a stocked ship, the crown, and two lions, his men set sail to the island. The same unforgiving sea that had taken Jordan Alexander II and had forced Jordan Alexander III inland was now battling the ship carrying his lions and crown. 

The ships fate was lost to the coast of the island. The men had been lost, but the lions and crown were never found. Legend states that King Sullivan's lions made it inland, found Jordan Alexander III and still to this day protect the royal name, the Crown of King Sullivan, and the next rightful heir to the throne. 

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